There are 60 points in total for this class. The final grades are given as follows:

Grade Points
6.0 57-60
5.5 52-56
5.0 47-51
4.5 42-46
4.0 37-41
3.5 32-36
3.0 27-31
2.5 22-26
2.0 17-21
1.5 12-16
1.0 0-11

Learning outcomes will be assessed based on the performances within each of the following categories:

Type Points Bonus
Semester project 30 3
Homeworks 20 2
Participation 10 1

Bonuses may be obtained at our discretaion for the groups or individuals that give outstanding work for each of these categories, described in more details below.

No final examination for this class. The learning outcomes are continuously assessed during the semester with the homeworks, the project and the participation.

Semester project

The final project provides an opportunity to combine content learned throughout the course for use in some realistic application. All projects are conducted in groups. The details of the semester project are discussed in class and students will have the opportunity to choose between several project formats (see also the project page for more details). The 30 points of the grade are allocated according to the following criteria:

  • Overall quality (3 points)
  • Interest and complexity of the subject (3 points)
  • Presentation (6 points)
  • Screencast (3 points)
  • Shiny app (3 points)
  • Provided documentation (3 points)
  • R package (3 points)
  • GitHub repository (3 points)
  • Website (3 points)

The semester project are peer evaluated: every group grades the others and send a brief report to the instructors. The instructors grade as well the project. The final points obtained for the project is given by taking 50% of the instructors’ grades and 50% of the average from the other groups’ grades.

Do not underestimate the workload that the project represents. This class requires good planning and team management from the students.


There are four homework assignments during the semester which are realized in groups. Each of these homeworks combines some of the content learned throughout the course. There are five points per homework. Homeworks and their specific requirements are detailed at the homeworks page.

Late submission is penalized by 1 point every 24 hours after the deadline.


Participation is graded based on both Piazza (see the communication page) and in-class activities. There are five points for each.

In order to earn full credit for the Piazza portion, each student should make 1 or more substantive posts per week (except during the first week) related to the content of the course. A post can be a reply to another student’s question. Grading is based on Piazza meta-data that can only be accessed by an instructor.

Due to the structure of this class, attendance is very important. Moreover, students will be encouraged to work in teams on in-class activities each week, so others are counting on you to be in class and contribute. Students with valid excuse should notify the instructor as soon as possible and provide a minimum of one week notice.

Each lecture will have its own magic word that you are responsible for entering into a form link that will be provided on Piazza. In order to be eligible to receive attendance points, you must be in class, enter the magic word within 5 minutes after it is given, and stay for the entire duration of the class.