Final Project

Presentations of the projects are held the 2018-12-18. You have 10 minutes of presentation + 5 minutes of questions per group. Each member should present a piece of the presentation.

The output of your project must be:

  1. An awesome project!
  2. A well documented GitHub repository (see e.g. which should be called groupX_project where X is your group number.
  3. A website showcasing your work (think of adding a screencast video) used as a GitHub page (see e.g.
  4. An R package that can be installed directly from GitHub (such as the stat297 package which can be installed as devtools::install_github(“SMAC-Group/stat297”)). More specifically this package should have:
    • A DESCRIPTION file with all necessary information including, but not limited to, Package title, general description, dependencies, license, and imports.
    • R/Rcpp functions with documentation including title, description, parameters, authors, exports, and at least one example.
    • A well formatted package skeleton (man, inst, docs, R, etc.)
    • A shiny app to allow someone having absolutely no R knowledge to “use” what you have done in your project.
    • This package should work. This means that the instructors should be able to call all necessary (intended) functions with yourpackage::yourfunction.